What is your current professional role and how did you get here?

My role is Senior UX Designer for Firefox Developer Tools. I got here after about 12 years of switching back and forth between design and development on various projects.

What was the first app you worked on and what did it do?

Hibari was my first real app — a Twitter client for Mac with filtering features.

What went well? What could have gone better?

It focused on a clean and simple-to-use design, which lots of people liked. It was also missing some features people wanted, and dealing with negative feedback could be tough sometimes.

At App Camp, we emphasize that it’s important to have interests outside of tech and to take breaks from looking at screens. What are some of your interests outside of tech? What do you do when you need to take a break from work?

My interests include painting, traveling, and playing video games. I enjoy going for a walk when I need a break.

Why do you support the goals of App Camp?

I love that App Camp provides great training and a confidence boost for girls interested in software development, as it’s an important field that’s notorious for being male-dominated and intimidating.

What do you recommend to those who want to support more diversity in tech?

Be aware of the ways in which you internalize negative cultural biases—we all do it to some extent.

How can technology be a force for good?

It can play a positive role in connecting people, amplifying ideas, and making our day more efficient and fun.

You can find Victoria on Twitter.

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