You’re a fan of Apple and Apple’s products. Tell us about how that started.

It all started with the iPod Mini! I wanted a good MP3 player and liked the look of the iPod Mini. They were vibrant and exciting. I became immediately enamoured by how fun and easy it was to use. The rest is history…

How did you become a part of the Apple fan community online?

The further I got in to wanting to read more and more about Apple, the more I would stumble across sites like The Loop, Daring Fireball, Macworld, and more. I also started listening to podcasts like MacBreak Weekly, and TWiT. Once Twitter became a thing for me in 2007, I started following people I was interested in, and then started communicating and chatting with people that also followed and interacted with these people. Twitter was much different back then… Then over time, I started trying to contribute myself, starting blogs and podcasts, which led to me making more friendships with people in the community.

What is your favorite Apple product of all time and why?

I really struggle with this, I feel like I have to pick and iPhone and an iPad. So I would say the iPhone 6 Plus (I was so desperate for a bigger device at that point), and the original iPad Pro, as it showed me that I could really work on an iPad, which kinda changed a lot about how I approach work everyday.

What are your favorite and/or most used apps?

Right now; Tweetbot, Airmail, Overcast, Slack, and Apple’s Notes app.

At App Camp, we emphasize that it’s important to have interests outside of tech and to take breaks from looking at screens. What are some of your interests outside of tech? What do you do when you need to take a break from work?

Well… I love video games… I know that’s another screen, but it’s a different activity at least! Other than that a big passion of mine is stationery. I am a huge Pen nerd, and getting to write and doodle is a big thing for me,

Why do you support what App Camp does?

I attend lots of conferences and events focussed around technology and I am always unhappy with the gender diversity I see. I want to see more women in technology, and App Camp is one of the best approaches I have seen to give young women the tools they need to look at this as a future career path.

What do you recommend to those who want to support more diversity in tech?

Pay attention to people. Follow people on social networks that are different to you, listen to what they have to say, try to see their point of view. I have found that for me this has been very effective to wake me up and change my view on the way this industry operates. And then once you find your options change, get yourself in to a position where you can try and change things.

How can technology be a force for good?

If used correctly, Technology can bring people together. I have built a business completely over the internet. I have made wonderful friendships and relationships, just because I have connected devices all around me  Techonlogy can build bridges.

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Oliver Graysen, CircleCI
Red Davis, Independent iOS & Mac Developer