About Our Project

Fireside Chats is a project of App Camp for Girls, a nonprofit organization that seeks to address the gender imbalance among software developers by giving middle school aged girls and transgender & gender nonconforming youth the chance to learn how to build apps, to be inspired by mentors who look like them, and to get exposure to software development as a career.

Since our creation four years ago, we’ve had over 100 volunteers bring camp to 235 youth at 22 camps in 7 cities in the US and Canada. Even more impressive is that we’ve done this without any major corporate sponsors. To date, App Camp has been funded because of the generosity and enthusiasm of community members like you.

We are currently raising $75,000 to help us reach our vision of the near future: to reach even more kids by adding three additional camp locations by 2020. On this blog, we are featuring interviews with members of the Apple app development and fan communities who have inspired us and whose stories can encourage the next generation.

Fireside Chats is curated by Julia Richert, Project Manager at MartianCraft, with help from App Camp Phoenix organizer Aleen Simms and cofounder Jean MacDonald.